Postponement of Publication

Inform all Readers of U KaRsT, that there will be a delay in publishing the journal on Volume 5 Number 2. This is done because there is a problem on the server that causes problems in the publication process  
Posted: 2021-11-30

New Regulation for Submitting Articles


Starting from Paper Volume 5 Number 2, UKaRsT applies a new regulation.
When submitting an article must attach proof of payment IDR 250.000 and Publication Right Form via a supplementary file.

Posted: 2021-07-26

Reference Change

Starting from Paper Volume 5 Number 2 UKaRsT must use a minimum of 25 references (at least 5 years of writing the article, unless the discussion is limited)  
Posted: 2021-05-21

Addidition of Article

Starting Volume 4 Number 2 2020 UKaRsT will publish 10 articles.  
Posted: 2020-10-21

New Article Template

Starting, Vol. 4. No.2, 2020 U KaRsT Journal Article template was changed to English and can be downloaded here or on the left sidebar of the Author Guidelines menu.  
Posted: 2020-06-25


Posted: 2020-06-25

Real Time Chart

Posted: 2020-02-28

Real Time Most Cited



Posted: 2020-02-28