Journal History



March 11th, 2023

OJS Migration from OJS 2 to OJS 3

March, 2023

YouTube, Facebook and Instagram media development

February, 2023

Indexed Index Copernicus

December, 2022

Visual development on Statcounter

October, 2022

Development of JURMATIS website appearance in OJS 2

July, 2022

Develop instagram social media for business strategy and increase the number of potential writers to submit

April, 2022

Develop the number of reviewers from countries other than countries Republik Indonesia

January, 2022

Developing the appearance of the website on OJS 2

December, 2021

Design and post Call For Paper announcements 3 months before new volumes arrive.

October, 2021

Improve communication services using WhatsApps during at 10.00 AM – 3.00 PM (GMT+7)

July, 2021

Increase the number of bibliography that was originally 10 to at least 25 cited in the article


Accredited of “SINTA 3” (3th grade)

October, 2017

 Terdaftar pada P-ISSN : 25976257 | E-ISSN : 25977946

October, 2017

Terbitan pertama pada Volume 1, No. 2