Author Guidelines

  1. The journal must be written in Microsoft Office Word (doc/ docx/ rtf)
  2. Abstract written in two language (English and Indonesian) 11pts
  3. The font used is Times New Roman, 12pts and 1,5 space, justified
  4. The paper used is A4 with 3 cm of every margin,
  5. The total page is 25, including references, table, and appendicitis
  6. The writing used one column
  7. The paper is the result of research
  8. The writing used the Indonesia standard language
  9. The foreign quotation is written in Indonesian standard language
  10. Using researcher for the subject
  11. Sentences taken from scientific writings in a foreign language are translated into standard Indonesian.
  12. The pronoun uses "Researcher" Ex: The researcher is aware of the lack of ... ..: As the background, the researcher takes the title ............
  13. Use the tools for reference management, eg Mendeley.
  14. The chapter title (14 pt bold, Times New Roman, align left)
  15. Do not use footnotes as a list of theory libraries.
  16. Footnotes contain instructions on published journal data, along with the pages provided by editorial sections
  17. Minimal reference used was 5 reference date (at least 10 years of writing articles, unless the discussion is limited) Content writing is not the responsibility of the editor and the editor reserves the right to make changes and correct grammar every script that is loaded.