Focus and Scope

JINTAN is a scholarly publication that focuses on agricultural sciences and related disciplines, covering a wide range of topics within the field. The journal provides a platform for researchers, academics, and professionals to disseminate their research findings, contribute to the field of agriculture, and foster innovation in agricultural sciences.

The scope of JINTAN includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Agronomy and Crop Science: This includes studies on crop cultivation, plant physiology, breeding, genetics, crop management practices, and sustainable agriculture.
  2. Horticulture: This includes research on fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and landscape design, covering topics such as cultivation techniques, post-harvest management, and genetic improvement.
  3. Plant Breeding and Genetics: This area focuses on the genetic improvement of crops, including traditional breeding methods, molecular genetics, biotechnology applications, and genomic studies.
  4. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition: This encompasses research on soil fertility, soil management, nutrient cycling, soil-plant interactions, and the impact of soil conditions on crop productivity.
  5. Plant Protection: This field encompasses studies on plant diseases, pests, and weed management, including integrated pest management strategies, disease resistance, biological control, and pesticide use.
  6. Agricultural Economics and Rural Development: This area focuses on the economic aspects of agriculture, including farm management, agricultural policy, market analysis, and rural development strategies.
  7. Agricultural Engineering and Technology: This includes research on farm machinery, irrigation systems, post-harvest technology, precision agriculture, remote sensing applications, and agricultural automation.
  8. Food Technology:  JINTAN welcomes research on food processing, preservation techniques, food quality and safety, sensory evaluation, food product development, and innovation in food technology.
  9. Plantation: This encompasses studies on plantation crops such as palm oil, rubber, tea, coffee, and other economically important crops, including cultivation practices, crop management, sustainable production, and plantation systems.
  10. Fishery: JINTAN welcomes research on fishery science, aquaculture, fish biology, fish nutrition, fisheries management, and sustainable fishing practices.
  11. Forestry: This area covers research on forest management, timber production, forest ecology, forest conservation, forest biodiversity, and sustainable forestry practices.
  12. Marine Biology:  JINTAN welcomes research on marine ecosystems, marine biodiversity, marine ecology, marine conservation, and related topics in marine biology.

By including the areas of food technology, plantation, fishery, forestry, and marine biology, JINTAN aims to provide a comprehensive platform for researchers and professionals working in these interconnected fields. The journal facilitates the dissemination of knowledge, the exchange of ideas, and the promotion of sustainable practices in agriculture and related disciplines.