Information For Authors

JINTAN provides a dynamic and reputable platform for authors in the field of agricultural sciences to showcase their research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the discipline. As an author, publishing in JINTAN offers several key benefits and opportunities.

Key Features of JINTAN for Authors:

  • Broad Scope:  JINTAN covers a wide range of topics within agricultural sciences, encompassing areas such as agronomy, crop science, horticulture, plant breeding, soil science, plant protection, agricultural economics, and agricultural engineering. This broad scope allows authors to submit their research across diverse sub-disciplines, ensuring their work reaches a wide readership and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Rigorous Peer-Review Process:  JINTAN maintains a stringent peer-review process to ensure the publication of high-quality, scientifically sound research. Manuscripts undergo a thorough evaluation by experts in the field, providing authors with constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. This rigorous review process enhances the credibility and impact of published work, validating the research conducted by authors.
  • Open Access Publication:  JINTAN follows an open-access publishing model, making all articles freely available to readers worldwide. By removing subscription barriers and allowing unrestricted access to research, authors can increase the visibility and reach of their work, leading to wider dissemination and potential for greater impact.
  • International Visibility:  JINTAN attracts submissions and readership from around the globe, providing authors with an opportunity to gain international visibility for their research. Publishing in a globally recognized journal facilitates collaboration, networking, and recognition within the academic and research community, ultimately promoting career advancement and fostering scholarly connections.
  • Timely Publication:  JINTAN strives to ensure a timely publication process, minimizing delays and providing authors with a prompt publication of their accepted manuscripts. This allows authors to share their findings efficiently, making them accessible to the scientific community and facilitating the dissemination of new knowledge.
  • Author Support and Services:  JINTAN offers comprehensive support to authors throughout the publication process. The editorial team provides prompt and professional assistance, addressing any queries or concerns that authors may have. From submission to publication, authors can expect clear communication, transparency, and guidance to ensure a smooth and rewarding publishing experience.
  • Supplementary Materials: JINTAN allows authors to include supplementary materials such as datasets, multimedia files, and supplementary figures or tables alongside their articles. This provides authors with the opportunity to present additional evidence or supporting information, enhancing the comprehension and impact of their research.

Authors interested in publishing in JINTAN can submit their manuscripts through the journal's online submission system. By choosing JINTAN as the venue for their research, authors can benefit from its strong reputation, international reach, rigorous review process, and commitment to open access, enabling them to contribute to the advancement of agricultural sciences and maximize the visibility and impact of their work.

For writers interested in submitting a manuscript, please register online. The manuscript is received no later than two months before the issuance month, and the reviewer process is online for approximately one month. Acceptance and rejection are done online and sent by email. The author's guide and the template manuscript can be downloaded here.