Fast Track Review

Fast-Track Review is a special service to get decisions faster at the initial review and review stages from the reviewer. Fast-Track Review is available because of the various purposes from the author. This service does not guarantee that the article will be accepted just like that, all still have to go through predetermined procedures. This service only makes the article editorial process faster where the article will get priority to be reviewed first. This service is an option to help the writer quickly publish but still does not sacrifice the quality of the article.

Articles with fast-track review:
1. The review process by the reviewer will be carried out a maximum of 5 days.
2. The status of the article will be informed directly by the Editor team to the author.
3. Estimation The author gets a letter of acceptance of 4 weeks (influenced by fast and slow response by the writer to make the script improvement).

Fast-Track Review Submission Flow:
1. To get the Fast Track Review service, the author must submit the Editor Team through the Support Contact Journal.
2. Submission of Fast Track Review can be accepted if the article is in accordance with the provisions of the Author Guidelines.
3. If the submission has been received, the author is charged a predetermined fee according to the author fee.
4. Furthermore, the author needs to make improvements according to the direction of the reviewer/editor until the article is declared accepted and will be continued with the issuance of Letter of Acceptance and Article Production.