Withdrawal of Manuscipt

Withdrawal of Manuscripts

EKONIKA understands that authors may occasionally need to withdraw their submitted manuscripts for various reasons. The journal has a manuscript withdrawal policy to guide authors through the withdrawal process. Here is an overview of the manuscript withdrawal policy of EKONIKA:

  1. Author's Request for Withdrawal: If an author wishes to withdraw their submitted manuscript from consideration for publication in EKONIKA, they must submit a formal request for withdrawal to the journal's editorial office [jurnalekonika@unik-kediri.ac.id]. The request should be sent by the corresponding author or the authorized representative of the authoring team.
  2. Reasons for Withdrawal: The author's request for withdrawal should include a clear explanation of the reasons for the withdrawal. Common reasons for withdrawal may include a) Discovery of significant errors or inaccuracies in the manuscript that would require substantial revisions or correction. b) Decision to submit the manuscript to another journal for publication. c) Unforeseen circumstances that prevent the authors from continuing the publication process. d) Ethical concerns or conflicts of interest that require withdrawal.
  1. Timely Withdrawal Requests: Authors are encouraged to submit their withdrawal requests as early as possible in the publication process to minimize any inconvenience or potential impact on the journal's workflow. Once the manuscript has entered advanced stages of review or production, the withdrawal process may become more complex. In this case, the author may need to pay an article processing charge because it may interrupt the journal's workflow and publication process of the upcoming issue.
  2. Decision and Confirmation: The editorial office of EKONIKA carefully reviews the withdrawal request and considers its validity and impact. If the withdrawal request is deemed appropriate and valid, the manuscript will be officially withdrawn from consideration for publication. The corresponding author will receive a confirmation of the withdrawal.
  3. Publication Ethics Considerations: In cases where ethical concerns or suspected misconduct are raised about the manuscript, the journal may undertake further investigation or actions as necessary. This can include notifying relevant authorities or institutions and initiating appropriate follow-up procedures by publication ethics guidelines. See Publication Ethics
  4. Resubmission Policy: If authors wish to resubmit a previously withdrawn manuscript to EKONIKA or another journal, they are advised to address any concerns or issues that led to the withdrawal carefully. This may involve revising the manuscript or seeking expert advice to ensure its integrity and quality.

EKONIKA respects the author's decision to withdraw their manuscript and acknowledges the importance of maintaining open and transparent communication throughout the process. The journal strives to handle withdrawal requests promptly while upholding ethical standards and ensuring the integrity of the publication process.

The author is not allowed to withdraw submitted manuscripts, because the withdrawal is a waste of valuable resources that editors and referees spent a great deal of time processing submitted manuscripts, and works invested by the publisher.