Journal History

Jurnal Agrinika: Jurnal Agroteknologi dan Agribisnis a.k.a AGRINIKA is an official scientific publication of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kadiri University, Indonesia. The first publication (Volume 1, Issue 1) began in March 2017. Since its inception, AGRINIKA Journal has undergone several changes in editorial leadership and editorial teams. However, the commitment of the editorial team has remained consistent from the first publication to the present, which is to provide a platform and contribute to the field of agricultural sciences. Initially, each issue of AGRINIKA Journal consisted of six articles. However, the journal now publishes a minimum of eight articles and a maximum of fifteen articles per issue. Starting from the March 2023 edition, AGRINIKA Journal has decided to publish all articles in English. This decision aims to reach a broader readership and potential authors from outside Indonesia, even from different parts of the world. The shift to publishing in English is intended to make the research findings accessible to a wider audience and facilitate international collaboration in the agricultural sciences field. Despite the language change, the core focus and commitment of AGRINIKA Journal to the advancement of agricultural knowledge and its contributions to the scientific community remain steadfast.

It is noteworthy that AGRINIKA Journal has gained recognition from the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Indonesia. Since 2019, the journal has been accredited and indexed by Sinta 3, which is the national accreditation system for scientific journals in Indonesia. This accreditation signifies the journal's quality and impact within the academic community, being ranked at the third level of Sinta accreditation. The Sinta accreditation reflects AGRINIKA Journal's adherence to rigorous standards of publication quality, including peer review processes, editorial management, and scholarly contributions. The recognition by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education further highlights the journal's significance and its contribution to the advancement of agricultural science and research in Indonesia. Through its Sinta accreditation, AGRINIKA Journal aims to provide a trusted platform for researchers and scholars to publish their work, while also ensuring that the published articles meet the high standards of academic excellence. This recognition further enhances the visibility and credibility of AGRINIKA Journal both nationally and internationally, attracting a diverse range of authors and readers who value the journal's reputable status within the academic community.