Focus and scope

JATIMAS aims to provide a platform for publishing reports and research findings on community service activities conducted in rural areas, with a specific emphasis on addressing the needs and challenges faced by rural communities. The journal seeks to promote knowledge sharing and innovative approaches to enhance the well-being and development of rural areas.

The journal scope includes (but is not limited to):
1. Community Service Activities: The journal welcomes reports on a wide range of community service activities undertaken in rural areas or related to agricultural activities, such as healthcare initiatives, educational programs, infrastructure development projects, environmental conservation efforts, social welfare projects, and more. These reports should highlight the impact and outcomes of the activities, providing valuable insights for future initiatives.

2. Rural Community Development: Manuscripts focusing on strategies, policies, and best practices for rural community development are encouraged. This may include topics such as capacity building, entrepreneurship, sustainable livelihoods, local governance, social inclusion, and empowering marginalized groups within rural communities.

3. Agricultural Innovations and Practices: The journal covers agricultural topics relevant to rural areas, including but not limited to agricultural practices, techniques, innovations, and technologies. Contributions may explore areas such as crop cultivation, livestock management, agroforestry, sustainable farming methods, organic agriculture, and the use of modern tools and machinery in rural farming.

4. Sustainable Resource Management: Manuscripts addressing the sustainable management of natural resources in rural areas are of particular interest. This includes research on land use planning, water resource management, soil conservation, biodiversity preservation, and the adoption of renewable energy sources in rural communities.

5. Policy and Governance: The journal encourages articles examining policy frameworks and governance mechanisms that influence rural development and agricultural practices. These may include analyses of government policies, regulations, funding mechanisms, and institutional arrangements relevant to rural community service and agricultural sectors.

6. Case Studies and Experiences: The journal welcomes case studies and practical experiences from researchers, practitioners, and community members engaged in rural community service and agricultural activities. These reports should provide valuable insights into successful models, challenges encountered, lessons learned, and recommendations for future endeavours.

JATIMAS seeks to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, bridge the gap between research and practice, and contribute to the overall development and sustainability of rural areas worldwide.