Repository Policy

JATIMAS recognizes the value of repositories in preserving and disseminating scholarly research. The journal has a repository policy that outlines guidelines and permissions regarding the deposition of its published articles in external repositories. Here is a description of the repository policy of JATIMAS:

  1. Author's Rights and Permissions:  JATIMAS acknowledges the rights of authors to share and disseminate their community service activities and findings. Therefore, authors are generally permitted to deposit their accepted and published articles in external repositories, subject to certain conditions and permissions.
  2. Preprint Servers and Institutional Repositories:  JATIMAS allows authors to share their preprints or accepted manuscripts in preprint servers or institutional repositories before publication. This enables early access to the research findings and encourages collaboration and feedback from the scientific community.
  3. Post-publication Depository: Once an article is published in JATIMAS, the journal typically allows authors to deposit the final published version or the author's accepted manuscript in repositories designated for post-publication archiving. 
  4. Embargo Periods:  JATIMAS may implement embargo periods, during which the authors are requested to refrain from depositing the published version of their articles in repositories immediately after publication. This period allows the journal to maintain exclusivity and control over the initial dissemination of the article.
  5. Repository Requirements and Conditions: Authors depositing their articles in external repositories are generally expected to adhere to certain requirements and conditions, which may include a) Clearly indicating the original source of publication (e.g., providing a citation or link to the article in JATIMAS). b) Respect any embargo periods imposed by the journal. c) Adhering to the repository's terms of service and copyright policies. d) Complying with any licensing requirements specified by JATIMAS, such as Creative Commons licenses.
  1. Archiving Permissions for Repositories:  JATIMAS may establish formal agreements or partnerships with specific repositories to facilitate the archiving and long-term preservation of its published content. Such agreements ensure that the articles deposited in these repositories are properly archived, indexed, and made accessible to the research community.

JATIMAS's repository policy aims to strike a balance between promoting open access to research findings and respecting the interests of the journal and its authors. By allowing authors to deposit their articles in repositories, the policy encourages broader visibility and accessibility of the research, fostering knowledge dissemination and collaboration within the agricultural sciences community.